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Program Description

More than a routine physical, the St. Elizabeth Executive Physical program uses diagnostic testing, a thorough physical exam, and lifestyle consultations to increase the likelihood of preventing health issues or identifying health issues before they become serious health conditions. The St. Elizabeth Executive Physical Program is committed to conducting a thorough and efficient exam, so executives spend the least possible amount of time away from work.

The Program offers a complete and thorough two-part physical examination experience following national preventative medicine guidelines. The individual may choose any of the various components listed, and/or choose according to recommended guidelines. The exam includes screenings for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory ailments. Extensive blood work and urinalysis are included. Body composition analysis, hearing, and vision are also tested, making the exam a true “head-to-toe” experience. For personalized service our navigator will escort you to each test and remain with you to answer questions and explain procedures.

Day #1 (allow 3 hours)

All labs and diagnostic testing are completed on the first day.

Day #2 (1-2 hours)

The second visit is scheduled a week or two later, so the physician will have the test results to conduct the physical exam and consultation. This allows for a comprehensive evaluation, as well as an opportunity for personalized feedback and discussion with the physician. At the end of the evaluation, the physician will review test results, further discuss any health concerns and recommend appropriate follow up care. Consultation, if requested, with nutrition, exercise or wellness specialists can be arranged at this time.

Follow-up Care

Upon completion of the physical exam, a packet containing a physician summary letter and copies of all testing reports will be sent to the executive. We gladly will provide a copy to your primary care provider upon request. Our executive exams are intended to complement the medical care your executive already receives. If a primary provider is needed or a referral for specialized care is recommended, our medical team will assist the executive in this process.