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The health of a company is impacted significantly by the health of its executive team. As an executive it can be a challenge trying to balance the daily demands of business with the time needed to pay attention to one's health.

An Executive Wellness Program can be customized to meet your organization's specific healthcare needs. With limited leisure time and high productivity demands, it is critical for executives and employees to always be healthy. The Executive Physical is a comprehensive physical exam tailored towards the busy executive.

Whether you are trying to implement an Executive Health Program at your company or you are an individual needing an extensive executive physical, St. Elizabeth Business Health can design a program for you.

Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive physical examination including various state of the art diagnostic screenings as well as lifestyle consultations.

Our goal is to provide the executive with a medical experience to focus on the preventative side of health and wellness and to assist with the development of a healthy lifestyle and enhance productivity. The goal is to detect illness in its most treatable stage. Better yet, we work with executives to identify risk factors that respond positively to lifestyle changes.

Executive health care programs not only make good health sense, but good business sense as well. Indeed, according to 2002 findings by the University of Michigan Management Research Center, executives who underwent physical exams had 20% fewer health claims and lost 45% fewer workdays than those who did not. (Forbes Magazine)

St. Elizabeth Healthcare, a nationally recognized medical facility, has assembled an expert panel of providers as part of its executive health team. This team works closely to integrate all aspects of the physical exam experience providing many benefits to executive and companies alike.

If further clinical testing or care is needed beyond the executive physical program, the executive will have access to the full services of St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

Design a Company Program

Many employers entrust the health of their management team to the St. Elizabeth Business Health Executive Physical Program. To learn more about how our Executive Physical Program can benefit your company please call (859) 301-2574.

Patient Information

St. Elizabeth Executive Physical Program operates through corporate or personal agreements. If you are covered under a corporate agreement the corporation will cover your costs unless services requested are beyond those outlined in the agreement.

If you enter a personal agreement, you agree to be responsible for the amount due. We do not bill or collect from private health plans.