Learn to love that dread-mill [Video]


Running on a treadmill gets a bad rap. But at some point, it’s a necessary evil of winter, especially when the snow, ice and dangerously cold temperatures pick up (we’re hoping that’s still months away).

To  combat  the repetitive nature, physical therapist Stacey McConnell from St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine  suggests varying the incline, speed and type of exercise you do during each treadmill workout.

If you’re trying to improve your running form, treadmills are also a great tool for over-striders. They allow you to focus less on the cracks in the sidewalk and more on your head, arms and legs.

As you train for the Honor Run Half Marathon, these last couple weeks are a great time to think about the smoothness of your stride. Any small changes you make to your overall form will stave off injuries and may even improve your time.

For  more tips that will make  treadmill running – dare I say it – fun, watch the video below: