The Future of Weight-Loss Surgery — Robotic-Assisted


The Future of Weight-Loss Surgery — Robotic-Assisted

The first step in the improvement of weight-loss surgery options has arrived. The 4th generation da Vinci Xi® surgical system allows St. Elizabeth surgeons to perform more types of surgeries using robotic technology than ever before, including robotic-assisted sleeve gastrectomy.

The sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most popular surgical weight-loss procedures. This procedure restricts the amount of food you can consume by removing about 70 percent of your stomach and leaving a tube-shaped stomach, the size of a cucumber. Traditionally, this is performed laparoscopically through small incisions in the upper abdomen.

Dr. Ryan Moon, Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery at the St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center says, “Adding robotic-assisted surgery to the surgical weight-loss options we offer makes surgery an option for more patients.”

After a sleeve gastrectomy, your body’s metabolism changes. Dr. Moon says, “The chemical changes triggered by the surgery can result in resolution or improvement of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and sleep apnea. Sometimes you are off some of your medications before any significant weight loss is achieved.”

Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Weight-Loss Surgery

The 4th generation da Vinci Xi® surgical system offers high definition, 3D images, giving the surgeon a better view than is possible in laparoscopic surgery.

Dr. Moon says, “With the use of the robot, we can make finer, more delicate movements. It has a movement like a wrist, so it moves more naturally than our laparoscopic tools.”

Doctors can now perform surgeries on people that may have been at risk for complications in traditional surgery. It also allows for more complex bariatric revisional surgery for patients that have had prior bariatric procedures done and need a repair.

Other benefits include:

  • Smaller incisions
  • Faster recovery time
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less pain, which means fewer narcotics for pain relief

St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management works with you to decide on a weight-loss option that fits your lifestyle and needs. To learn more about robotic, laparoscopic and other weight-loss options available at the St. Elizabeth Weight Management Center you can attend an in-person seminar or watch our online seminar. Once you have attended a seminar, you can schedule your first appointment by calling (859) 212-4625.