Patient Avoids Surgery Thanks to Vital Consultation with the Mayo Clinic


One night, at the Reed household in Williamstown, a scary series of events started to unfold.

John Reed stood up for dinner, got dizzy and fell – striking his head on the tile floor.

“I realized right away that he wasn’t responding, so I called 911,” remembers his wife, Phyllis, who happens to be a nurse with 45 years of experience.

When they got to the emergency department, John developed a headache. A CT scan revealed that he had a subarachnoid hemorrhage, bleeding in the space between the brain and the tissue that surrounds it.

For treatment, John spent eight days in the neurocritical care unit at a hospital in Cincinnati. John also has atrial fibrillation and takes blood thinners and medication to regulate his heart rate and blood pressure.

“It was a very scary time,” says Phyllis, “but he received outstanding care.”

John seemed to recover well. He even returned to work at his own financial consulting business just a few days after leaving the hospital.

A stunning development

However, at their first follow-up appointment, Phyllis and John got stunning news. The doctor said John needed a craniotomy – within two weeks – to repair issues that might trigger more bleeding or even a stroke.

For John, the potential risks (reduced reasoning skills) of a craniotomy were significant.

“What I do for a living – my accounting, my business – depends on my ability to reason,” worried John. “It was vital that I get a second opinion.”

“We were flabbergasted,” remembers Phyllis. “He was doing extremely well. A craniotomy recommendation was not at all what we expected.”

Seeking a valuable second opinion – through St. Elizabeth and Mayo Clinic

In search of a second opinion, Phyllis took John’s medical records, including his scans and MRIs, to his doctor at the St. Elizabeth Family Practice Center.

Fortunately, Phyllis knew about St. Elizabeth’s relationship with the Mayo Clinic through their Mayo Clinic Care Network membership.

Through this affiliation, doctors and clinicians at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, can consult with specialists at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. Patients benefit from Mayo Clinic’s wide body of knowledge and expertise, without incurring additional travel or expense.

“Mayo Clinic specialists told me no procedure was recommended by Mayo based on a thorough review of my records,” says John. “Their second opinion was invaluable. It was a tremendous relief, and I haven’t had a headache since.”

John and Phyllis say their report from Mayo clinic was extremely detailed and addressed all their concerns.

“It gave us incredible peace of mind,” says Phyllis. “More people should know about St. Elizabeth’s valuable collaboration with Mayo Clinic. For my husband, it was a lifesaver.”

As a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, physicians and clinicians can consult with Mayo specialists, giving patients extra peace of mind, at no additional expense.