Not all Angus is created equal


You may have noticed that many fast-food restaurant commercials are making a point of stating that they serve “only Angus beef,” with the inference that Angus is superior to other choices of beef.

In fact, “Certified Angus Beef (CAB)” is a company brand owned by the American Angus Association.   The American Angus Association monitors meat and gives its stamp of approval only to Angus cattle that meets or exceeds 10 stringent criteria involving marbling, maturity, size, appearance and tenderness (details at

Only 8 percent of all Angus beef meets the American Angus Association brand’s high standards. Many people consider the flavor and quality of “Certified Angus Beef” superior to other cuts of beef.

CAB has more marbling (which means more intramuscular fat) that gives it the flavor most people associate with better cuts of meat.  Regular Angus beef has fat as well, but not necessarily the consistent amount as designated by CAB.

Americans often incorrectly assume that Angus beef and “Certified Angus Beef” are the same. Not so when flavor and quality is taken into account. Sorry, but you will not find “Certified Angus Beef” on the dollar menu.