Melissa McLane: A Story of Determination


Dear St. Elizabeth,

I want to thank Dr. Doug Flora for being more than just a Doctor. He has become a friend, and a lifeline, to me and to my family.

I first met him after my stem cell transplant, which was the worst thing I had ever been through. Little did I know that telling my kids, husband, friends and family that I have Cancer AGAIN, and it is more serious this time, proved to be more difficult than the original transplant itself.

Dr. Flora has been the one that has helped me pick up the pieces. He took the time to get to know me and understand me. I told him about weddings I wanted to see and grandbabies I wanted to meet.

He is patient with me, he educates me, and he has given me the confidence to get through this. 

Although my battle continues, I know I can count on St. Elizabeth and Dr. Flora to be there for me.

I wake up thankful every day to be alive, and have Dr. Flora and the St. Elizabeth Cancer Care staff to thank.

I am blessed to know I have St. Elizabeth and my good friend, Doug Flora, in my corner fighting this fight with me.


Melissa McLane

I’m right here, because St. Elizabeth is, too…