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In the field of emergency medical services (EMS), there are three levels of certifications for providers of care: Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Advanced EMT’s and Paramedics.

Both EMT levels and paramedics have the knowledge and skills to transport patients and provide them with emergency care. The biggest difference between them is the amount of education they receive and the level of care they are qualified to provide.

EMTs are educated in many skills including CPR, administering oxygen, administering oral glucose for diabetics and helping with treatments of patients who are having asthma attacks or allergic reactions.

Advanced EMTs provide basic and limited advanced emergency medical care to those patients who are in need of more care than can be offered by the EMT Basic.  Advanced EMTs have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to not only provide patient care but also function as part of a holistic EMS response and operate under medical oversight. They perform interventions with the EMT Basic and some advanced equipment typically found on an ambulance.

Paramedics are advanced providers of emergency medical care and are highly educated in topics such as anatomy and physiology, cardiology, medications and medical procedures. They build on their EMT education and learn more skills such as administering medications, starting intravenous lines, providing advanced airway management for patients and learning to resuscitate and support patients with significant problems such as heart attacks and traumas.

EMTs are required to complete a course that is about 120-150 hours in length while Paramedics are required to complete a course that is between 1,200 to 1,800 hours in length. Both courses of study consist of lectures, hands-on skills training and clinical and/or field internships. At the end of the course all students are required to take the National Registry Exam.

For more information regarding courses being offered through St. Elizabeth Healthcare, please e-mail debbie.szurlinski@stelizabeth.com.

For more information regarding certification and licensure for the state of Kentucky, please click here.

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