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Care Coordination

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Supporting Partners for You and Your Loved Ones
Illness affects everyone in the family - not just the patient. At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we understand that. That’s why our supportive and compassionate staff of professional social workers and care coordinators is always here for you.

We know that your health is directly connected to your emotional and social needs. We work with you to meet those needs as you or your loved one travel the road back to wellness.

Our completely confidential services are available to all patients and their families and anyone may refer to us, as well. All of our social workers have obtained bachelor’s or master’s degrees and are licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

When we meet with you, we will always listen to your needs, then help you identify your strengths and show you how you can use them to solve your problems. We’ll also suggest alternatives to your problems and help you connect with other appropriate sources of help.

Click here for a list of resources available to you in our community.

Click here to download the Nursing Home Placement Handbook.

The following is a brief summation of all the types of support services we provide:
  • Psychosocial Assessment: Professionally assessing patients with social, emotional, interpersonal and socio-economic issues
  • Discharge Planning: Arranging and planning for appropriate post-hospital care
  • Information and Referral: Referring to other community agencies or programs
  • Counseling: Counseling to help patients and their families adjust to illness, end-of-life issues and lifestyle changes.
  • Crisis Intervention: Helping patients and their families cope more effectively with crisis situations
  • Case Consultation: Providing specialized knowledge to other healthcare professionals regarding patient problems and services
  • Patient/Family Education: Educating patients and families on the psychosocial implications of illness, as well as community resources and programs.

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