Spinal Intracept Procedure

New Long-Term Treatment Option for Lower Back Pain

More than 31 million Americans struggle with back pain each year. While many will feel better after over-the-counter medicines, targeted back stretches and rest, others will continue to live with escalating back pain.

The leading causes of chronic back pain include degenerative discs or vertebrogenic pain – nerve pain from the vertebral bones within the spine. If you have chronic back pain that has lasted longer than six months and has not responded to traditional treatments, such as medications and steroid injections, you might be a candidate for the Intracept procedure.

What is the Intracept Procedure?

Intracept is an outpatient procedure that can offer long-term relief to patients with chronic back pain. St. Elizabeth Healthcare is the only hospital- based system in the Greater Cincinnati offering this innovative new procedure.

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During the Intracept procedure, the specialist works with a team to disable the nerve endings causing chronic back pain.

The outpatient procedure includes:

  • A tiny incision that introduces the needle into the vertebral body.

  • Guided X-ray imaging that helps the specialist precisely guide the needle to the exact position in the bone within the vertebral body.
  • A small shepherd hook-type device that creates a channel toward the middle of the bone to the base nerve.
  • An Intracept probe (electrode) is placed into the vertebral body and emits radiofrequency energy (heat) to the base nerve. The basivertebral ablation disables the nerve endings and eliminates the pain source.

  • Tiny incisions over each vertebral level take about 15 minutes per level to denervate both vertebral bodies.

  • No stitches and only surgical glue to close the incisions. The entire procedure takes less than an hour. Patients are in twilight anesthesia and recover quickly.
  • A quick recovery where patients return home the same day to continue resting and are free to resume their normal activities within a few days.

Benefits of Intracept

The Intracept procedure provides patients with long-term relief from chronic back pain. There are many benefits to the procedure, including:

  • Significant pain improvement – according to data released in the European Spine Journal in 2021 showed 33% of Spinal Intracept patients reported no pain after the procedure and half had at least a 75% reduction in pain at the five-year mark.

  • FDA-approval, minimally invasive outpatient procedure.
  • Long-term pain relief without daily medication, repeated injections or significant surgery.
  • No device or implant; retains the structure of the spine.
  • Significant improvement in quality of life.

  • Quick procedure and recovery with only minor soreness from the needle placement.

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