Youth Leaders for Community Health

St. Elizabeth Healthcare is looking for aspiring leaders who have the potential to guide and educate their peers on initiatives that are impacting the community health of the region. With a mindfulness for service and passion for the tri-state area, St. Elizabeth is opening applications for this 2-year program, supporting students as they become future advocates and leaders within their community.

Youth Leaders for Community Health is a program designed to build leadership skills and support the community. Students will participate in monthly informational and educational enrichment sessions during their Junior and Senior years of high school, during school hours. Students can expect to gain a broader understanding of problem-solving techniques, team building, individual strengths, and ways to enact positive change in their school and community.

What to Expect

  • Youth Leader retreat in July
  • Monthly sessions on the 2nd Friday of each month starting in August of participants Junior year
  • Education on Community Health and Leadership Development
  • Ability to complete service activities/projects related to community health issues in our community
  • For second year participants, mentorship of first year Youth Leaders, as well as further exploration of leadership skills and opportunities to engage in community health needs
  • Session topics likely to include Diversity and Inclusion, Food Insecurity, Substance Abuse, and Educational Inequity.

Who Should Apply?

High School Sophomores

High School Sophomores able to commit to this 2-year program during their Junior and Senior years; sessions will be held on the 2nd Friday of each month.


Youth with leadership potential, respected by their peers, and dedicated to serving their community.

Apply Today!

Complete the online application.

School Recommendation form completed by a school administrator.

Complete the Applicant Questionnaire

Obtain a minimum of 2 letters of recommendation

  • One from a teacher, counselor, or school administrator
  • One from a peer or community partner

All requirements are to be completed and returned to Volunteer Services at St. Elizabeth Healthcare by May 1 for consideration.

Mail to:

St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Attn: Volunteer Services
1 Medical Village Dr.
Edgewood, KY 41017
Fax: (859) 301-3943
Apply Now

Inaugural Class of Youth Leaders for Community Health will start in July 2022!