A “Safer Way to Sleep” for babies


A new campaign to save babies’ lives is being embraced at hospitals across the country.

The “Safer Way to Sleep” campaign gets rid of the traditional pink and blue blankets which have lined nurseries for years.

“Every five days a baby dies from a sleep-related death in the state of Kentucky, which is really unfortunate,” said Tabatha Biddle, a health educator and a maternal child health education specialist.

Biddle is part of a national push at St. Elizabeth in Northern Kentucky and across the rest of the country. She recently had the chance to catch up with Liz Bonis at Local 12.

The campaign reminds parents and caregivers that babies should sleep on their backs and in a crib. It also encourages parents to say “no” to pink and blue, meaning that they shouldn’t have any blankets, stuffed animals or any other objects inside the crib with them, and  saying “yes” to swaddling sleep sacks.

“The blankets become loose and can then go over the top of the babies face, which then, of course, poses a suffocation hazard,” said Biddle.

Sleep sacks can’t do that.

So, Bonis asks, what should parents do with all the blankets they get when a baby is born? Often, they are beautiful, they come from grandma and grandpa or they are handmade.

Biddle’s solution: Those blankets can be saved or used on the floor. Babies need tummy time while they are awake, so the blankets parents receive when babies are born are great to lay down and make sure babies are encouraged to strengthen their neck muscles. The important thing is making sure a baby is going into their crib to sleep and will not have any loose blankets or  other items in the crib with them.

Since this campaign started across the country, it’s had a significant role in the reduction of sleep related deaths. Click here to learn more.


Click here to watch the segment on Local 12.