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Working to Build Northern Kentucky’s Healthiest Workforce

In 2006, St. Elizabeth Healthcare made a collective decision to become the healthiest workforce in Northern Kentucky. Granted, that’s a pretty lofty aspiration, but we have a habit of doing great things around here. That is why we’re working so hard to make this vision a reality today through the Target Health program.

Through this unique worksite wellness plan, St. Elizabeth Healthcare associates can take advantage of a wide array of free services, including:

In short, Target Health is just one more way St. Elizabeth Healthcare is showing that we’re all better together. Through this unique program, Target Health staff work with you to identify and reduce your individual health risks and improve your overall wellness.

Posted walking paths both indoor and outdoor at Edgewood, Florence, Ft. Thomas and Grant coming soon!

August is National Family Fun Month!
Make some time this month for family fun! Looking for fun ideas? Try these!

Scavenger hunt: Give your kids a list of things that they will need to find around the house or in your neighborhood. Have some prizes ready for the person who finds all items on the list!

Backyard movie night: These days, it costs an arm and a leg to take the entire family out to the movies, so why not watch a movie in your own makeshift movie theater? Play your family’s favorite movie using a projector and a blank wall. You can also set up a snack station with popcorn, fruit, veggies with dip, and other healthy munchies!

Backyard camping: Set up your own camp by pitching some tents in your backyard! Play fun board games and tell spooky stories around your “campfire”.

Cooking party: Teach your kids how to cook by teaching them a simple recipe with 5 or less ingredients! There are great cookbooks for children at your local library. You can even host your own family “cooking show” by letting them compete as if they were in a cooking competition, with you as a judge!

Take a hike: Go to a park, find a trail, and explore. Take pictures along the way, gather interesting leaves, and make a memory collage of your hike together.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Jessica Hartig, Employee Wellness Specialist.
Target Health
St. Elizabeth Edgewood
20 Medical Village Dr., Suite 394
Edgewood, KY 41017
(859) 301-9004
Email: targethealth@stelizabeth.com

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