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Every day, residents of Northern Kentucky and Ohio choose St. Elizabeth Healthcare for themselves and their family members. Here are some of the reasons why:


The Best!! Top of the Line…5 Star.

Thank you so much for your kindness. All of the nurses are genuine and experts in their field. No question went unanswered.

St. E. has a great hospital staff. Thank you so much for your service and for taking great care of my daddy.
     ~ Sheila M.; Family Member of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

When I realized that I needed to actually be admitted to the hospital, I was gripped with FEAR. I was in a great amount of pain & I needed relief but the thought of being admitted terrified me.

When I got to my room, I was really hysterical, but my nurse, Scott, gently and with care and concern talked to me, allowed me to voice my fears and still managed to get the information he needed. By the time he left my room, I felt a huge sense of RELIEF. I was still a little shaky, but NOT AFRAID.

I spent 4 days here with a lot of medical issues, but I really want to commend ALL of my nurses, aides and transporters. Every single one of them gave exemplary service. They have made me feel like my well-being was important to them and they have tried to assist me and take care of my needs to the best of their ability.

I wholeheartedly would like to say “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” to all of them. GOD BLESS YOU ALL SINCERELY!
     ~ Sheri H.; St. Elizabeth Florence Patient


I came into your emergency room with severe abdominal and chest pains, which was a result of gallstones. Every (and I mean every) employee I had contact with showed the most compassion I have ever encountered in a hospital. They continued to show that same compassion until I was discharged.

I was put in the spine center when I was admitted. I don't remember the first nurse I had. Because of pain meds, I was in and out of it. My second nurse that day, Stephanie, was amazing. All of the nurses were.

You should really be proud of the care they show. I just can't put into words how much I want to thank each and every one of your staff. Your staff took very care of me and my husband. I have told everyone of the kindness we were showed at your hospital. Again I thank you very, very much.
     ~ Deborah B.; St. Elizabeth Florence Patient


The nurses and aids who took care of me were exceptionally receptive to my needs and my emotional state. They listened with their hearts and responded with outstanding kindness and compassion. They also thoroughly reviewed all procedures to make me feel better. These ladies should be recognized for this type of patient compassion which is so rarely seen these days.

I am so inspired to see the young women of medicine deliver such a high standard in care.

I thank them will all my heart.
     ~ Brenda T.; St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient


Due to severe chronic illnesses, I have been in many hospitals over the past 20 years. I’ve had surgeries and rare and new treatments, and I’ve received both good and poor care.

I can say that in my short stay I received excellent care from your nursing staff. Each and every one of them were very caring and went above the usual duties to care for me and my chronic pain. Thank you very much.
     ~ Jean W.; St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient


While a patient at St. Elizabeth Edgewood Kristin B. and Brent H. made sure I was well taken care of. Kristen offered to help my wife when she needed it, and Brent kept checking on me throughout the night, making sure I was pain free.

They both deserve to be singled out as they performed above their duty to ensure my wife and I were tended to.
     ~ Victor M.; St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient


Samantha is very caring, always looking in to see if there’s anything else she can do. Even at the end of her shift she came by and wanted to know if I needed anything.

I wish there was an award for people like her. She would deserve 10 for being such a warm & wonderful person. She has a gift and I’m glad she was the one to take care me. Thank you St. Elizabeth, for Samantha M.
     ~ Janet S.; St. Elizabeth Florence Patient


Rebecca was the R.N. assigned to my friend’s room. She was extremely sensitive, caring and thorough – a very impressive young lady. Her demeanor was both professional and yet caring in dealing with my friend who was understandably very upset and scared.
     ~ Bill S.; Friend of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient


I would like to thank the team of nurses who took care of my grandfather. Every one of them was very friendly and patient with his increasing demands. This has been the best experience we have had in any hospital from Cincinnati to Grant County, KY.

Thank you very much and may the Lord bless each and every one of these wonderful nurses & nurse assistants.
     ~ Vanessa G.; Family Member of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

Megan was the 1st nurse to take care me when I was admitted. She made me feel so comfortable. I just want to thank her for that.

I also want to brag on Brian. To be a nursing student, I was impressed at how you can actually tell he cares about his patients. He is going to turn out to be one of the most caring nurses you will ever find.

I also want to thank Jackie and Michelle. Everyone  knew what I was going through and took the time to show they cared.

I have had to stay in the hospital a lot this past 6 years. But the nurses that took care of me this week were the best. They took their time, showed compassion and all had great bedside manners.
     ~ Tamathy W.; St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient


Pat was very knowledgeable of my family member’s needs. She was friendly, courteous and hands on. I feel like if either of us needed something special she would have gotten it for us. She answered all our questions with very good answers.

She was kind and sweet and deserves all that you can give her. I appreciate her very much. Way to go Pat!!!
     ~ Carolyn K.; Family Member of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

Barb was my Nurse’s Aid and no task was too hard for her to do. She just jumped in and did it. She was always willing to help me no matter what I asked her to help me with. If she didn’t hear from me in a while she’d come in my room to check on me to make sure I was ok.

Sara was my nurse and she was helpful no matter what the task. I was a mess and she went into action and cleaned me up. She even cleaned up the floor. I kept telling her how sorry I was and she said, “Honey you’re sick. That’s what I’m here for.” It made me relax and feel so good that someone cared so much for me. I was able to go to sleep knowing that I was in great care at St. Elizabeth Florence.
     ~ Tonya C.; St. Elizabeth Florence Patient


I was at the point of not taking the rest of the meds needed for my Colonoscopy and my night nurse Angela helped me not to give up. She prayed with me and gave me the courage to complete the prep . Without her encouragement and support I would have given up. I will always remember her gentle kindness when I needed it the most.
     ~ Charlene C.; St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient


Every St. E. employee we encountered, bar-none, was informative, considerate, professional, caring and kind!

Each made a scary situation (for me) much easier to handle. The blessings of having my wonderful husband in the care of an awesome, kind staff reassured me of great care and thoughtfulness he’d receive.

Dr. Connelly was extremely kind, intelligent, with much patience to answer all of our questions! His bedside manner sparked comfort and he gave us all of the information we needed while maintaining a relaxing atmosphere! Thanks to all!
     ~ Debra M.; Family Member of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

Susan was the best nurse. She always had a smile on her sweet face and a joke to make me laugh. I have had her before as a nurse and she has always been wonderful to me.

It really means a lot to people that are sick to have someone to look to who really cares and Susan does care with all her heart.

Thank you, Susan, for really being there for me and others. God bless you.
     ~ Roberto K.; St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient 


My grandmother, Alberta, is 93, independent, sound of mind, quick of wit and strong in will. She entered the hospital for the first time in 20+ years and ended up being transferred to the 4th floor. Her body was weak and strength low. Her esteem down.

Terri treated her with dignity, respect, kindness and concern. She patiently answered questions and took the extra time to pat a shoulder and say goodbye when it was time for discharge to rehab.

The entire floor of nurses and aides were attentive, patient and kind. We were pleasantly (happily) surprised by the considerate, skilled care PERSONALIZED to Grandma. Wonderful job! THANK YOU ALL!
     ~ Christina S.; Family Member of St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient


I had a gallbladder removed and your staff was not only very helpful in obtaining FMLA papers for me but also when I was in extreme pain and my medicine was not working, Mary obtained a rocker for me and called the doctor for gas medicine. She was very helpful and kind. All the nurses were helpful and made me feel better about being there. My experience was very good and they made sure all of my needs were met.
     ~ Karen B.; St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient


My husband was well taken care of by the nurses. Susan was very helpful and kind. It made his stay a lot better.

Both my husband and I are here a lot. But we’ve never met a nurse more kind or helpful than Susan.
     ~ Albert H.; Family Member of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient


Every single person was friendly, kind and helpful. Everyone went out of their way to be helpful, especially Janet O. She gets an A+.

Thank you for making my stay a nice one.
     ~ Mary L.; St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient  


From the moment Debbie M. walked into my room at the start of her shift, there was a connection. What a sweetheart!

I felt she cared and showed an interest in my concerns, pain and fear.

To not be just another number to put in the computer means a lot. Many thanks!
     ~ Karen A.; St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

If I dropped food on the floor I would not eat it, but I would think about it for a minute if Carmen cleaned my room. When she leaves I know it’s clean. She even left a card on my table with her name and the housekeeping phone number on it. It was handy once when I knocked a full can of soda off the table at 11:30 at night. Thank you for hiring such a good employee. She is awesome at what she does.

The Culinary Creation staff is awesome and so is the food they serve. The options are very diverse. It is like going out to eat, but I got it served to me in bed. The staff were are all friendly and kind, always got my order right and seemed like really good people. Tell them thank you and keep up the good work.
     ~ Robert T.; St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient 


My father had to do dialysis today for the first time. Carolyn was his RN! She was so caring and professional! She explained everything to him and us, which helped us all because we are all so afraid of what is happening. She was very sweet to all of us! She gave us all a sense of peace. It’s nice to know that we have such wonderful, professional, caring, loving people caring for our loved ones.
     ~ Vickie B., Family Member of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

I had a stroke and was very frightened. Lauren came into my room, sat with me & reassured me. She held my hand. You don’t find many nurses who come into a stranger’s room and take their hand to reassure them. She went above & beyond the call of duty. Thank you, Lauren.
     ~ Rene J., St. Elizabeth Florence Patient

Jackie waited for us to get off the elevator and then offered to push my grandmother’s wheelchair up the ramp to the Patient Entrance. This was above and beyond her job and made a real difference to me. Way to go! Thank you!
     ~ Melissa M., St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

There are some people that happen to cross your path in life that you will never forget. I met one of those people when I was lying in a bed at St. Elizabeth Edgewood. At the time I was thinking that I would rather die than endure the pain I was in after my ruptured appendix and complications.

Her name was Wendy and she was my night nurse that day. She found me sitting on the end of my bed crying because I was in so much pain. I didn't want to take the narcotic pain medicine they prescribed and I couldn't get up from the end of the bed to get into the bathroom by myself. She really took the time to console me and figure out a plan to help alleviate the pain without having to take the narcotics.

She was so kind and compassionate that I told myself if I ever get out of here and back on my feet, I will properly thank her and let her know how she touched my life.

Nurses are under appreciated most of the time and she is an exceptional nurse, but most of all she is an exceptional person. Thank you Wendy! The world needs more people like you!
     ~ Andrea M., St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

I was recently admitted to St. Elizabeth Edgewood due to complications from a colonoscopy. I am a U.S. Navy Persian Gulf War Vet and my treatment at St. Elizabeth was by far the best I have ever had. As a veteran I have had to go to the VA Hospital many times. I never got the care and Attention to Detail (ATD in military terms) that I received at St. Elizabeth at the VA Hospital.

The nurses and staff that cared for me were by far the best I have ever had. They showed me compassion and car and I commend all of them. They are great nurses who seem like they really care. Shortly after I was discharged, I received a card from all the nurses that made my day. I have never received anything like that before.

I thank you the nurses and staff for all you did for me. I would recommend to all of my veteran friends to go to St. Elizabeth for their medical needs every time.
     ~ Jeff M., St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient


My husband was a patient at St. Elizabeth Florence where he was treated like a king. Jeannie, Monica, Melissa and all of his nurses were just amazing. They work very hard and they seem to all love what they do. I didn’t get to meet all of them but he raved about everyone that came in to care for him during his two-day stay.

We were so impressed and we will tell everyone we know about those great nurses. They go the extra mile for their patients and they do it with such great positive attitudes. I think it is because of their care and support that he is doing so well and feeling so good. He is improving each day and I just know that he will be back to healthy and feeling good again real soon.

Thanks, ladies, for taking such great care of him. You are the BEST!
     ~ Robin P., Family Member of St. Elizabeth Florence Patient

I recently had surgery at St. Elizabeth Florence. I cannot tell you how pleased my wife and I, and the family members who visited with me before and after my surgery were with the care I received. I have been around hospitals a great deal throughout my adult life and am basing these statements on a lifetime of observation and personal experience.

Simply put, this is the best hospital I have ever been in. St. Elizabeth is clean, organized, efficient, and most importantly, patient-centric. But what set St. Elizabeth apart for me is the staff. Everyone I had any contact with was friendly, personable, caring and very professional. I was made to feel important and more than just another patient, but as a special individual. I was made to feel comfortable and cared for.

On the day of surgery, your wonderful staff went out of their way to make both my wife and me as comfortable as possible. I could go on and on about their professionalism, their skills and knowledge, their compassion, their care for me and my dignity and the care for those concerned for me.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to Lisa, my pre/post op nurse (what a wonderful lady and professional) and Erin, Bobby and Shannon in the OR. They made me feel confident, comfortable and calm. I’d also like to thank Dr. Shin, about whom I can’t even begin to say enough.

I hope never to need your services again, but if my family or I ever need hospital care, I will put our trust and care in your capable hands.
     ~ Boyd C., St. Elizabeth Florence Patient

I feel that Lisa S. deserves recognition because she was such a positive person during my stay. She listened when I needed to talk and explained things I was too embarrassed to ask the doctor about. I hope future patients are as lucky as I was to have this wonderful nurse care for me.
     ~ Alberta O., St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient

I’d like to recognize St. Elizabeth Healthcare Security Officer Greg R. for coming to my rescue. While visiting my husband in the hospital, I’d left my vehicle lights on. Sure enough, my battery was dead when I tried to leave. Greg saw me stranded and was able to get my car started so I could be on my way.

It was a horrible day and a terrible week but having Greg show the kindness that he did made a huge impact. Thank you!
     ~ Michelle T., Family Member of St. Elizabeth Florence Patient

When Lindsey D. delivered lunch one day during my family member’s stay, there was a card with a Bible verse on his tray. This card, while a simple token, came during a time of despair and was truly a “God Send.” We were so moved by this message that we asked Lindsey where it came from. She wasn’t sure but said she would investigate and let us know. While often times, it is expected that people will forget or not follow up, Lindsey not only followed up once, but twice (once the following morning). She provided us with the info we were asking for. Lindsey deserves to be recognized for her commitment to customer service and her delivery on a promise – things that are often hard to come by nowadays.
     ~ Family of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

I’m the son of patient Rod K. I flew in from Texas and spent 6 nights with my dad under many nurses’ care. I would like to recognize Sandy E. for going above and beyond to provide my father with the care I expected. She was extremely personable and helped to bring a smile to his face during his time of need. My father was assisted by 10-12 different nurses during my six days/nights in the hospital. Both he and I wish Sandy would’ve been in all 12 slots. She is the best.
     ~ Jeff K., Family Member of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

In my opinion, Nathaniel B. goes above and beyond to make the patient as comfortable as possible. He made me smile and was very enjoyable to be around. He truly cared about me as a person and gave me dignity and respect. He was very good at explaining what was going on in terms I could understand, even in my weakened state. I’m so thankful he’s working at St. Elizabeth!
     ~ David E., St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient

Pat G. was extremely sweet prior to my father’s surgery. I was impressed with her bedside manner and professionalism. She even took time to follow up with us on my father’s status after his surgery.

Pat made our family’s experience at St. Elizabeth wonderful and even decreased our anxious feelings. Thanks so much, Pat! Wonderful job!
     ~ Family of St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient

During my stay, all of the staff was very good to me. However, I want to specifically thank Tony B. He just was so helpful – anticipating all my needs. I really appreciate everything he did for me. I really think he stood out. He was very knowledgeable and very kind. I really felt he went over and above. Thank you, Tony.
     ~ Ann D., St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

Katie F. is a very special lady. Every time I’ve had her as a nurse she has gone out of her way to make me comfortable. I’ve been in a lot of pain and discomfort and she has consistently shown almost like a motherly love and concern for me.

She has been an angel during my stay. I wish everyone could have the love for people that she has shown me. Thank you, Katie. It really means a lot.
     ~ Jeff C., St. Elizabeth Florence Patient

I just spent two days in your women's surgical unit. Thank you so much for the excellent care. Special thanks to the two nurses that took great care of me..Diane and Denise. I appreciate all their kindness and compassion.
     ~ Kelly K., St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient - via Facebook

I was at the hospital with my mom who was admitted for chest pains. I received a call that my daughter was in a car accident in Lexington and she needed me to fax paper work to her regarding her healthcare insurance. I went to registration to ask about using their fax machine. They were VERY helpful and understanding. They let me use their fax machine and were very kind. I really appreciated their help. It meant a lot.
     ~ Vicki F., Family Member of St. Elizabeth Florence Patient

So thankful for the wonderful care the St. Elizabeth {Ft. Thomas} Critical Care unit nurses gave my husband when we were vacationing in Kentucky last November. They were so very kind to this out-of-state worried wife as well. They are the best!
     ~ Nancy M., Family Member of St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient - via Facebook

{The St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Critical Care Nurses} are some of the best! They treated me with great care when I had my breast cancer sugery. Thanks for all you do.
     ~ Victoria R., St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient - via Facebook

My mom was hospitalized on 7D and really wanted to read the Sunday paper. I went to the newsstand at the Main Entrance at the front door and there were no papers.

Amy from Radiology approached me and asked if she could help with anything. I explained my situation. I then left the hospital to attend mass. Lo and behold, while I was at church, Amy personally delivered a paper to my mom!

Mom was thrilled and I was touched that Amy went out of her way to complete an act of kindness. God bless you, Amy! And thanks, St. Elizabeth, for having this caring individual on your staff.
     ~ Sandy R., Family Member of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

My grandfather was admitted to the hospital for his end of life care. He had not had much of an appetite for the past two months. We could hardly get him to take a bite of anything for the past week.

The night before he passed he became very alert and wanted to eat, and he requested a hamburger of all things. Marlene was his nurse and wanted to make sure he got what he wanted. I found out later there is no cafeteria there, so she went out to Wendy’s and used her own money to get this hamburger that he wanted.

When we asked her that evening about it she said she didn’t know if he would eat it but wanted him to have the chance to. He ate the whole thing. This was so sweet that she would take the time to do this for my dying grandfather. That was the last meal he ate. He went into a coma and passed away the next evening.

I want to thank her for being so caring and taking the time to grant his wish of a simple hamburger. This truly made our family feel so happy. Thank you, Marlene! You are a very special person and we appreciate your kindness more than you will ever know.
     ~ Sara S., Family Member of a St. Elizabeth Grant Patient

We are over the road truck drivers and we live in Texas. We got this far on our trip and Randell had to have gallbladder surgery. Melissa was so kind in every way. She was our "angel" sent from heaven. I told my husband one night that because we had been here over a week, I was running out of clean clothes. The next day, without me saying anything about it, she offered to wash some clothes for me. I was surprised and blessed by the offer. God is so good to His kids. Thank you, Melissa for obeying God's voice. You were our family here.
     ~ Dottie L., Family Member of a St. Elizabeth Florence Patient

My Dad, William D., wanted to thank Cathy, his nurse on 6D when he was there over Father's Day. She brought him a Father's Day card and he wanted to give her a heartfelt "Thank You" for her special thoughtfulness that day!
     ~ Lynn B., Family Member of a St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

I would like to recognize 2 associates from St. Elizabeth Florence.

On August 21, 2013, I collapsed in the hallway near registration and suffered cardiac arrest due to a massive heart attack. These ladies went beyond the call of duty to stabilize me so that I could be transported to St. Elizabeth Edgewood. Their quick response and fast-acting procedures saved my life.

I want to thank them for the exceptional job they did in treating me.
     ~ Gerry M., St. Elizabeth Florence Patient

Thank you to the CCU (Critical Care Unit) for the kindness and great care they showed and gave to me and my husband while we were there with my uncle. They were wonderful with him and gave him excellent care.
     ~ Gloria M., Family Member of a Patient - via Facebook

I could not have asked for better care than what I received from your staff. Everybody was very gracious and kind to me.

Your staff is the greatest! I'm thinking of carrying a card in my wallet that if I am injured to please take me to St. Elizabeth Edgewood and to notify 2B2 upon my arrival.

I’d like to thank Donna Parsons and her staff. Team 2B2 is the GREATEST!
     ~ Gary W., St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

I would like to recognize Adam from the Pharmacy. Adam came to my room to educate me about Pradaxa. The day he came in I was feeling very depressed and he took his time to talk and listen to me. Adam did more for me in those few moments than any medicine ever could. I thank him.
     ~ Margaret C., St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient

My 90-year-old mother was a patient at St. Elizabeth Edgewood. The care she received from all staff on the unit was exceptional. Each person was capable, professional, compassionate, friendly and nurturing. My mom responds to encouragement and attention and I believe receiving this aided her good recovery.
     ~ Jan S., Family Member of a St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

I just wanted thank the fun staff at St. Elizabeth Edgewood for being so friendly and helpful. I have never been through a kidney stone before this. AS AWFUL AS IT WAS, the entire staff made me feel comfortable. If one is in that situation, it is good to know that this is the kind of treatment you receive.
     ~ Pam B., St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

Thank you and your wonderful staff for taking such wonderful care of my father-in-law. You have an outstanding nursing staff that is not only professional but patient with complainers. My wife and I were really impressed with Molly and the nurse we referred to as "The Warden." However, your entire staff that we dealt with was as great as they come.
     ~ Dan S., Family Member of a St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

I came to Edgewood for a test that was ordered. There was some confusion with the order and I was not a happy camper. Despite the confusion, Debbie, who was working the desk, and Karen, the technician, were both outstanding. They went above and beyond and they made me feel at ease. I have had a lot of tests at St. Elizabeth and they were truly the best. They both handled my situation with the utmost professionalism.
     ~ William R., St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

My elderly mother, who is experiencing Dementia issues, was preparing to be discharged from the hospital after having been admitted 2 days earlier through the ED. After an unplanned admit to the hospital and a two day stay, Mom’s physical appearance was a little worn to say the least.

Nichole and Penny were kind enough to roll Mom into the bathroom for a nice shower and hair shampoo. Not only was it wonderful for Mom, but a Godsend for the family. Those activities of daily living at home with an aging parent can be a chore. I applaud the effort of Nichole and Penny and all the staff at St. Elizabeth Edgewood who went out their way to make Mom’s stay as nice as possible.
     ~ Don L., Family Member of a St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

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